The Goddess Of Love: Aphrodite

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Aphrodite: the Goddess of Love Introduction L-O-V-E can mean many things to people. There are so many ways to describe love it is unbelievable. However, many don't think that love is controlled by one thing especially a human or god. The ancient Greeks and the Romans seemed to think that one god was in control of love. They believed that a woman of great beauty was the goddess of love and they called her Aphrodite, Venus in Roman mythology. They believed that she was the goddess of love, beauty, and desire. Aphrodite was lover and mother of many. She was the forbidden fruit every man had to have a bite from.

Her Birthplace Aphrodite's birth has many origins. From religion to religion, her birth happens differently or she has different parents. In Greek mythology, she was said to be the daughter of Zeus and Dione (Iliad) and others have said that she was Dione herself.

This same belief of Aphrodite having parents is believed by other religions ad cultures but her parents are different. Some say she was the daughter of Uranus and Gaia, making her a Titaness. Another story involving Uranus was saying that Urania, another name for Aphrodite, sprung from foam near the island of Cytheria and went on to Cyprus (two very sacred islands) after Cronos castrated Uranus and threw his testicles in the Ocean and fertilizing her. This made Uranus and the Ocean the parents of Urania. In other cultures, she is the daughter of Oceanus and Tethys, making her an Oceanid. She is also said to have sprung from the foam of the sea, full-grown, naked and in a scallop shell walking to the shore of Cyprus. Her name means "foam risen" or " Born of Foam".

What She Stands For"¦ Aphrodite, also known as...