"A Good Man is Hard to Find", By O'connor.

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In this essay I am going to talk about the Misfit's behavior when he talks with the grandmother and the Misfit when he is sincere and when he is insincere.

When the family made an accident then the grandmother moved her hands to stop the car that it's coming to them. In the car were three persons, but one of them was the oldest is called the Misfit and the others Bobby Lee and Hiram. The Misfit's face was familiar to the grandmother and she said to the Misfit "you are the Misfit, I recognized you at once". He said, " yes I am the Misfit" with smiling, her son Bailey said something to his mother that shocked her and she began to cry.

The grandmother said to the Misfit " you shouldn't call yourself The Misfit, I know you are a good man and you must come from nice people".

(Here the grandmother wants the Misfit to be a good man or to change his mood because she is afraid that he might be killing her.) After that, the Misfit told to his friends Bobby Lee and Hiram to take her son Bailey and the children to the woods followed by mother's children.

(The attitude now between the Misfit and the grandmother.) The grandmother said to the Misfit once again "you are a good man" he said "no, I am not a good man and I am not the worst man either". There was a good relationship between the Misfit and his father; his father loved the Misfit more than his brothers and his sisters. The grandmother asked the Misfit "do you ever pray?" he said "no", the grandmother repeated "pray, pray Jesus will help you".

(Now the Misfit will be sincere because the grandmother led him...