Good Management Is Crucial If A Company Wants to Be Successful

Essay by reed359 July 2008

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The article, "Sprint's Wake-Up Call," talks about how Daniel R. Hesse whom was named chief executive of Sprint Nextel in December, said that customer service was going to be one of his biggest challenges, given how poorly the wireless service provider had performed on that count in recent years. The article talks about how employees like Paula Pryor said that poor management led to poor morale and deteriorating customer service where she said that "Even bathroom trips were monitored where they would micromanage us like children." The company confirmed a staggering $29.7 billion writedown, wiping out nearly all of the value of its $35 billion merger with Nextel Communications. Because of customers being fed up with horrible customer service, the company has "ranked last among the country's five major wireless carriers in customer service every year since the merger in 2005."People who are affected is of course the company itself, which includes its owners and managers, along with all the other stakeholders of the company.

Along with them is the investors of that company, distributors, suppliers, and most importantly its employees and customers who are all tremendously affected. Poor management will cause the company's employees to give poor service to the company's customers. When this happens, those customers and in some cases its employees (those who get fired) will spread the word around to their friends and families to not buy from Sprint.

I feel that if the managers of the Sprint company had a better relationship with their employees, there would be no problems with poor customer service. Just like Kobe Bryant who uses the assistance of a "coach" (Phil Jackson) to improve his game, the employee needs a "career coach." The manager must use a variety of familiar management skills and apply them to the career context.