Government Of Jamaica’s Poverty Eradication Program

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The government of Jamaica's poverty eradication program is aided by the Jamaica's social investment fund. The objective is to build quality social sector infrastructure and services; moreover, to contribute to building and sustaining national capacity for the implementation of community based programs. Then they can involve people and facilitate their empowerment and work in partnership with state agencies, nongovernmental organizations, congressional budget offices, private consultants/firms for capacity building and the introduction of efficient systems.

The important questions to bring about to define the issue are to identify the target group, and how to develop to deduct poverty; furthermore, we must ask if they value the program, if the program is meaningful to them, if they would participate in the program, and if they would see it as their responsibility to reestablish their above the poverty line. To answer these questions their must be an investigation and testing of the many ideals.

Then we can form case studies to review what occurrences took place and find out a solution to the problem.

This topic is based on social science in terms of world issues. Jamaica is a well-known beautiful place to travel; however, many people have reached their poverty line and struggle trying to get out of it. This topic is interesting to bring about because it is one of our world issues that people do not usually talk about. Jamaica's people have little trade compared to other countries such as Mexico, Japan, and Canada. This issue is social science because it deals with the economics of a country, the urban planning issues, the foreign policy issues, etc. In our social science class we have reviewed a video about Jamaica, and they are trying hard to push their economy struggle into being complete again. Solving this...