Grampa Billy

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Paul Grant



Grampa Billy

"I could hear them coming towards what was left of us through the trees, I held my breath and put all of my will power into stopping myself from jumping up and running away. The VC were right on us now and I could hear their boots crunching on the leaves, I lay there on the mortar scarred earth praying to whatever gods there are that they would mistake me for dead and continue on their way. I was wrong. Next thing I knew I, an excruciating pain made its way into the back of my head in the shape of a bayonet and I pushed my face down into the mud to keep myself from screaming. I was slowly shifting into unconscious and when I woke up I was in a warm, soft bed with my future wife staring down at me."

My Grampa Billy was a soldier in the Vietnam War and was injured in the line of duty.

He ended up with a metal plate in the back of his skull from where the bayonet pierced his head. When he was in the hospital in Saigon he met his wife Susan who was a nurse assigned to his care. After the war they met up back in the states and got married. They had four kids, three boys, Richard, John, and Mathew, and one girl, Mary.

Billy was born in 1947 to a poor home in South Boston, he did the best with what he had and tried his hardest in school. He loved to play sports, he played for his school's baseball and wrestling team. Unfortunately during his senior year of high school he got in massive argument with his father and ended up moving out his parent's house, dropping...