A Graphics Design Career

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During my childhood my mother gave me several opportunities to explore any and every hobby that ever existed. I remember taking ballet classes, going to swim practice, joining several softball teams and most importantly taking art classes. Even though the art classes that I took were more about being crafty than becoming the next Picasso, they taught me how to find and express my creativity. Because of my interest in art, As a young girl my mother bought me several art kits that ranged from molding my own jewelry out of designer clay to creating a "mosaic" lamp from tiles and plaster. She also provided me with an unlimited amount of paint pens, markers, glue, plastic jewels, specialty paper, and virtually anything else I wanted that would involve creativity. Throughout my life I have always found a way to express my creativity through schoolwork and problem solving. Ever since my childhood, I knew my future was going to lead me into finding a career that allowed me to express my creativity.

Graphics design is one of the few professions today that offers a variety of possibilities that allows a person to use ones creativity effectively.

Suppose you want to publicize something, market a product, explain a complicated procedure or show a process; in other words you have a message to be communicated. There are several forms of communication that can be used to "send" your message; one of the most common forms is through the use of visual mediums. Graphic design is described as a process that combines text and images to create a visual message. It also includes communicating messages through text, logos, brochures, newsletters, posters, signs, and any other type of visual medium. The key roles of a graphic designer are to address communication problems, interpret ideas, and...