The Great Adventures of Cluckey the Chicken!

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Once upon a time there was a chicken, not just any chicken. Okay, so maybe he was just a chicken... until he saved our bacon!

So let me start at the beginning, in the town of Kentuckyville where Cluckey was living with his very short best friend named Giblet. Cluckey was a lazy chicken that didn't like to work, so he spent his hours playing with Giblet. Today they were going to throw rocks off the bridge but when they got to the bridge, a Sage chicken popped out of nowhere. He said to Cluckey and Giblet "You are the chosen ones for my quest". Cluckey started to laugh hysterically and said "You are supposed to be smart yet you picked Giblet and I to do your quest ha ha ha", as he continued to laugh. The Sage chicken then said, "Yes, I may be stupid for picking you to do something like this.

You are too dumb and lazy to do a quest for me. It was at that moment that Cluckey felt the sudden urge to prove the Sage chicken wrong (That's the Sage's magical powers at work.) Cluckey then said, "We'll do your stupid quest. Just tell us what it is and we'll do it". The Sage chicken said, "All you have to do is save the world." "That doesn't sound too hard.", said Cluckey. He turned around to see that the Sage chicken was gone. In his place was a piece of paper. Cluckey then picked up the message and read it.

Dear Cluckey,

This quest is not as easy as you think. You must find the three parts of a map which are hidden in dangerous places. The first map piece is hidden in the forest of Killers, Bandits and Muggers. You will find...