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Imagine a glorious land of ice, and the capitals population as small as eight thousand five hundred people. The given information is the description of Greenland, the largest island in the world. The total population of Greenland is fifty six thousand three hundred fifty-two which is ninety times smaller than its mother country, Denmark. Greenland is made up of an ice cap which covers four-fifths of its eight hundred forty thousand square miles. Greenland continues to grow with its masterful island of ice.

Greenland's points of interest is filled with interesting facts. Greenland's ice cap has caused permafrost which is thick layers of ice covering the ground. Towns are amazingly built on this wonder of Greenland but many things, such as the pipes, were placed above ground rather than below ground. Greenland's remarkable location is four hundred sixty miles from the North Pole. Greenland is northeast of Canada; most of it is buried under ice except for mountain peaks (Lorimer, Encyclopedia Americana ,456).

Greenland's location has caused unusual weather and the "midnight sun". The midnight sun visits every summer and twenty-four hours a day seven days a week the sun shines over the island of Greenland.

Greenland's government is the Province of Denmark (, Internet). This means Denmark's representatives also represent Greenland in the other countries. Greenland also doesn't have a military therefore Denmark protects the Greenlanders against foreign attacks .

Greenland's Prime Minister, Johnathan Motzfelt, takes care of the national government. The head of state is Queen Margrthe II of Denmark. Greenland also has nineteen local courts and like the Supreme Court Greenland has their top court in the capital, Godthab. There are six different political parties, which are: the Akulliit Party, the Atassut Party which has a close relationship with Denmark, the Inuit Atagatigiit Party which wants...