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Grocery, Inc is a retail grocery chain that is based in Any State USA. The retail chain has many stores throughout the United States. The grocery chain receives it products from various vendors and has contracts with each vendor that they receive product from. Grocery, Inc has contracts with range from local vendors to individuals as well as international corporations. The company depends on these vendors to receive all the products that they sell in their stores.

UCCThe Uniform Commercial Code applies to the contracts between Grocery, Inc and its vendors. The UCC regulates the sale of physical goods. The code does not cover services or the sale of real estate. Therefore, the contracts that provide the product for the stores are covered under Article 2 of the UCC and not by common law. Any contracts that the retail chain has that provide services for the store such as floor cleaning, maintenance, or window cleaning would not be covered under the UCC.

Common law applies to the services which are not physical goods that can be sold which apply to the UCC code. So the contracts that the company has for its services such as floor cleaning would apply to the common law.

The non breaching party can to rescind the contract and sue another party for damages. Glocery, Inc. contracted with Company A to renovate the store on Main Street. Company A subcontracted the entire job to Company B with a bad reputation of poor workmanship because was unable to complete the renovation within the six-month time limit due to a sudden increase in jobs. Because Glocery was unaware of the sub-contract, the breach of contract actions and specific performance can be applied. Due to the poor quality of work performed by Company B, Grocery’s petition for an injunction...