Gun Control - Against (Con)

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This essay talks about the rights of owning a gun. Gun control is becoming a major issue, many people support gun rights and others don't. The eesay talks about why guns should not be banned. Guns don't cause crimes, it's the few people who use it.


In today's world, gun control is a major issue. There are many reasons why gun control is a big issue. There are some people, like myself, who believe that gun control is a rights issue. Then there are others who feel that gun control is a crime issue. There are several reasons Canada should upheld the right to bear firearms because society benefits from firearms in the hands of responsible people. So what exactly is a responsible citizen? A great example of a responsible citizen would be any one who chooses to use firearms appropriately. As we know, guns are not made for everyone, because certain people just cannot handle a firearm safely.

So, there is no need to ban guns or limit their ownership any further, because that would be unjust to those people who are responsible. I recognize that many criminals do misuse firearms, however, I can point out that very few people committed those crimes. Hence, society should punish those who commit these crimes, and imprison the individuals who pose a treat to society so they don't have the opportunity to cause any harm. By passing restrictive gun laws society punishes the law-abiding citizens. And this is wrong! This country's crime problems are definitely not caused by gun use. Instead the criminals cause it. Therefore, effective crime control legislation should not restrict the rights of responsible citizens to own or carry firearms. It should give the responsible law-abiding citizens of this country the mean of defending themselves. Furthermore,