Gun Control Debate

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With more restrictions and increased education, firearms can be a safe part of society. Without an individual to operate a firearm there is no potential for either intentional or accidental incidents. According to The National Center for Injury Prevention Control (2008) there were more estimated deaths from medical errors reported between 1999 and 2005 then unintentional shooting deaths. This shows us that although gun related deaths are serious in nature and more needs to be done to educate and protect society from these accidents, that by comparison guns are a small problem in the United States. Do you know someone who has been injured or fatally wounded by a firearm? Could this injury or death have been prevented by either more education of the proper way to use firearms or by stricter gun control laws? The answer to this question is yes, as shown through out this paper it is clear that people not firearms are to blame for gun related incidents.

Firearms are nothing more then a simple mechanical machine. Just as with any other ordinary simple or complex machine there is the potential for either operator or mechanical failure. These failures can lead to either injury or fatality to the shooter, bystander or a victim. Although little or nothing can be done to eliminate mechanical failure with firearms much more can be done to eliminate the operator errors. There is no federal law requiring states to conform to certain gun control laws, rather each state has there own laws governing the right to purchase, own, carry and educate individuals on firearms. Below is a chart comparing the estimated deaths for both Hawaii and Maine.

Seen in this chart that although the populations of Hawaii (1,273,278) and Maine (1,318,220) were almost identical...