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Logan Clay

Professor Anderson

English Comp 2

April 23rd, 2010

Argumentative Research Paper

What is gun control, sometimes called gun regulation, really? It is defined as "a set of legal issues surrounding the ownership, use, and regulation of firearms as well as safety issues related to firearms both through their direct use and through legal and criminal use." by encyclopedia. But does that really tell what you want to know about gun control? I doubt it, so lets look a little closer as to what gun control really is.

Gun control in its normal sense is a thing that varies from state to state. Gun control by state runs the gamut from almost none to extreme control measures. Forty four of the states have almost similar wording in their constitutions that run really close to those stated in the United States constitution. Despite this, most state gun laws are considerably less restrictive than federal ones.

This does not, however, allow criminals to not be prosecuted under federal law. Despite this, state and local police departments are not obligated to enforce federal law and in most cases do not.

Gun control also varies extremely widely from country to country. For example, Luxemburg bans civilian ownership of guns entirely, unlike Switzerland where gun licenses are available to any law abiding applicant and licenses to carry concealed weapons are free.

There are too greatly opposing sides when it comes to gun control. To put it the most simple you have the liberal or Democratic view of more strict laws concerning fun control. They want the requirements of buying a gun to be more difficult, such as a photo I.D., a thorough background check, and a mandatory gun safety class before being allowed to purchase a handgun as well as the reinstatement of...