Gun Safety In The Home

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Give an example of the tragedy improper gun safety can cause.

In her living room in her home in Detroit, Joslyn Jackson wanted to spend some quality time with her friend, so she sent her son Cortez and his friend to another room. (Detroit free Press May 21, 2001) After a few minutes, a gun went off.

Joslyn ran to the bedroom, and found her son lying on the ground with smoke coming out of his head, there was no blood, but he was already dead.

The boy, Cortez, had found his stepfathers handgun from under the bed, and had accidentally shot himself.

The community was prepared to save their children from the drug houses down the street, the crime in the area, but they weren't ready for one important thing.....saving the children from making stupid mistakes in their own home.

We need gun safety in our homes.

There have been far too many gun "accidents" in our homes.

These things can be easily prevented, by either not having a gun in your home, or by having proper safety precautions.

These mistakes shouldn't happen, but they do.

Some such cases...

South Anchorage, a 14 year old boy shoots his friend in the abdomen. (Anchorage Daily Press October 23, 2001) He was charged with first degree assault, and he had been drinking.

While the teen was rushed to a hospital, the boy could not believe what he had just done.

The boys were playing with the rifle, it was a complete accident, but because of these games, a child is dead.

Gray Court, South Carolina. A 14 year old boy was shot and killed while he and his 15 year old friend played with a gun. (The Augusta Chronicle October 23, 2001) The boys found the gun in on of...