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Konstantin Chistyakov

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26 January 2014

Portrayed Classical Illusions in Shakespeare's "Hamlet"

Hamlet like other of Shakespeare's plays has numerous references to Greek mythology. The Greek and the Romans were known to have an extra ordinary number of gods that they worshiped. Most of the gods were supposed to resemble mortals with regard to beauty, strength, and behaviors among other human characters. Shakespeare mention of Greek mythology is portrayed in both the thought and action of some characters in the play. Analysis of Hamlet is evident that Shakespeare has played a significance role in trying to unify various ideal of classical Greece and Rome with Christianity. When deeply observing through Hamlet it presents some of the ways in which hamlets struggles to unify the ideals of classical Greece and Rome with Christianity. However it present a strong argument that the unifying of the classical Greece mythology with Christianity play a critical in helping Shakespeare to bring out variety of themes in the play.

From Greek mythology Mars was mainly used in the reference of the god of war. This god of war during the Shakespeare period was considered one of the most important gods. Among the Romans this god was used as symbol for securing peace. In Hamlet, Mars is mainly mentioned in Act II, Scene II "On Mars armor, forged for proof eterne" (2.2.478). The reference of Mars in the play was mainly to help in comparing Claudius and king Hamlet. This comparison is used to show certain aspects of angers and revenge in the play. Use of Greek mythology can also be seen as form of an allusion. The use of this form of allusion therefore played a critical


role in helping Shakespeare explain to his audience a greater meaning than what the...