Hanes, Country Risk and Strategic Planning

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Economic and political risk for Hanes has always been a major factor in the international commerce based on the inescapable differences between policies, laws and customs of the governments in which business is being performed. Hanes, as an outsider going into a new market/country often faces lack of knowledge about the local market, the culture and often has to relay on outside sources to forecast. Hanes frequently characterizes the political risk of a country by the instability or stability of the government and the legal structure it presents. The better the relationship Hanes has with other countries will determine the political risk encounter in entering the market. Differences in the political factors between countries will often raise unexpected challenges such as sanctions, consumer embargo or yet vicious attacks to the country.

The main form of political risk consists of selective involvement. The risks are often changes in the government rules of the foreign country.

These consist of a wide selection of subjects such as operating and investment restrictions, legal conventions, limitations on transfers of resources on the border and taxation worries.

Corruption and nepotism can be a major challenge when doing business in some countries. The annual Corruption Perceptions Index provides a reliable annual index of corruption based on data from several sources. It ranks countries in terms of the degree to which corruption is perceived to exist among public officials and politicians. The CPI is sponsored by Transparency International and can be found at www.transparency.org (Transparency.org).

Hanes-brands, which split from Sara Lee Corporation in 2006, headquarters is located in Winston-Salem, and The Company has approximately 50,000 employees. Hanes-brands Inc. is a global company that sells men's and women's under garments.

Brands include:• Hanes®• Champion®• Playtex®• Bali®• L'eggs®• Just My Size®• Barely There®• Wonder bra®"The 'marketing mix' is probably the...