Hard to Compromise

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Cross-training is training an employee to do different jobs of the workplace. This is very beneficial because it provide more flexibility in managing the workforce in order to complete the desire tasks. This is not only beneficial for the management but it is also beneficial for the employee. The reason for this is because it will provide the employee with a new set of skills and will prevent worker boredom.

Even when cross training is an excellent management tool that will benefit both the workplace and the employee it is not for all the employees. Some people want to learn new things and feel more useful. Some employees are more comfortable with what they do. There are benefits for the employee about cross training. They will get the opportunity to learn new skills. These new skill will make them more valuable. This will motivate the employee to produce more with better results.

Hard to CompromiseCompromise is a concept of finding agreement through communication, through mutual acceptance of terms (Wikipedia). Hard to compromise is one of the biggest problems in workplaces today. There are often conflicts at workplaces within team members. Often it is hard to get a resolution. This is due to the lack of communication within the work center.

There are many ways to solve conflicts. Dr Robert Belton, the author of People Skills, prescribes a three-step process for solving resolution. The first step is, Treat the other person with respect (pg. 218). This can be considered the easiest step to follow. Treat the other person the way you want to be treated. The second step is, Listen until you experience the other side (pg. 220). This means that before any team member continues with the conflict they all need to sit down and listen to the problem. This...