The Hard Lesson

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It was a grey, foggy night that no one from our town would ever forget.

This was the night our town would learn about the deadly results of drunk driving.

It had all started about a week before the incident when talk began about a party

that would take place at Tom Goodrich's house. Tom's parents were going out of

town for business and he was going to have the house all to himself for the

weekend. Word spread quickly throughout our school about the upcoming

Saturday night party. There was to be alcohol, girls, and dancing--all anybody

needed to get into a lot of trouble. This party was to be like all of the other parties

in which we had all had great times at over the years. Little did we know that this

one would be the one that would change our lives forever.

After what had seemed like the slowest week in my life the day finally

arrived. I woke up to a beautiful, sunny, Saturday morning. The weekend had

started off good the night before with our football team winning its six straight

game. As was my routine on a Saturday morning I got up to eat breakfast and

read what the paper had to say about our Friday night game. After I was finished

reading the paper I took off for Saturday morning films with the team. When I

arrived I found everybody there to be talking about the party that was to happen

that night. As we watched films my mind began to wander in anticipation of the

night to come and the events that would unfold. I was really starting to like this

girl named Beth and felt that tonight I would be able to socialize with her a little

bit. She...