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Harry Potter The Sorcerer's Stone Harry Potter is a wonderful book written by J.K. Rowling. I am reading the first of four books. It is titled the Sorcerer's Stone. I am a person who hates reading and has never liked it, ever, in my life. Harry Potter has changed my view on reading completely.

I now think reading is fun and when I sit down with a good book I can't put it down.

Harry is a young boy who lives with his aunt and uncle who were very cruel to him. They make him do all sorts of obsurd things. Harry knows very little about his past or about the death of his parents. One day, out of the blue, Harry receives a letter. His uncle has a very strange reactions to the letter and refuses to let Harry see it. The sender refuses to give up and soon Harry finds out that he is invited to attend the greatest wizard school in the world.

The book is very easy to read and enjoyable. It is written in a way that you are always wondering what is going to happen next. Hagrid coming to take Harry away is a major turning point in the book. It changes Harry's life from being horrible to being wonderfully fun every second.

When Harry received the letter with his name on it he was overjoyed. The letter made him feel as if someone cared about him and wanted him to be there. As the students get on the train headed for Hogwart's Harry meets Ron. Ron is very uptight and always worried about what he does or says. Once they get to the school Ron seems to loosen up and become more outgoing. He and Harry become best friends.

At many times...