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Case Summary

Glenn Taylor, Sage Electronics Company's Vice President for Finance and Controller is having a problem with John Smith, another Vice President of the company, and has decided to write a case (problem) and assigned it to a new recruit of his department, Phil Hawkins for confidential reviewing, expecting him to come up with a solution to the problem.

In the case, Taylor depicted the points which he considered troublesome stemming from Smith's actions, i.e.: non conformity to company rules and regulations, lack of communication among Smith's department and other departments, employee favoritism, etc.

He expected Phil Hawkins to read the case, and then both men would meet to discuss the matter. Hawkins was expected to come up with a solution to the "Smith" problem, while Taylor was constantly "feeding" Hawkins with more information and making assumptions about the causes of the problem and their outcomes to the company as a whole.


Having done our analysis of the case we have reached the conclusion that both, Glenn Taylor and John Smith are responsible for the problems that exist between them. We will try to explain the problems and their causes by examining their management style, the different aspects of the character of both men, their opinions, roles and positions that each one of them holds in the company. Our assumptions will be based on certain theories and norms that will be explained later in the case analysis, and at the end we will attempt to provide some suggestions on how these problems can be resolved.

Case Analysis

We will first examine Glenn Taylor, namely his personality and style of management. We believe that Taylor is clearly a Theory X manager, since he has an autocratic management style which most probably stems from his strong religious beliefs. He clearly...