What has our world came to?

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Sierra Branson

Ms. Sheehey

English llP

5 September 2014

"Change in Communication"

Reflection Paper

Isn't it crazy how much we depended on social media? Cell phones… Computers… Some people my generation or even thirty years ago depend on Facebook, Instagram, Skype and Twitter, whether it's to speak to family across the world, chat to people with no cell phones and the one no one likes… Drama. Technologies that we now communicate from have effects on how we go by communicating, when we decided to communicate, for example; when your in class and you get a text message from your friend and you decided to answer it and so on. However, due to the enormous development of technologies, many people need the new technologies to survive in there businesses and ect..

I find it very impossible to see our generation of teenagers without cell phones and social media even Xbox, you are online talking to the guy on your team.

Our world without internet, cell phones ( text messaging) as well as the rest of modern day technology. Is this modern day technology changing our society for the good or the bad? Unfortunately it is very hard to see the impact it has given

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teens. From daily chating, tweeting, Facebook, and so on, but some teens like most know they rely SO much on technologies. We need face-to-face communication, we need to look into someones eyes when they tell you they love you, when you're in a job interview you need to make direct eye contact without feeling incredibly awkward. Technology I believe has not made us bad communicators but.. I do believe it isn't helping us teenagers or youth for the big world, or maybe I am completely wrong. Knowing that half the jobs in the...