The Haunted House

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As the clock struck midnight only Devon and Amy were in the haunted house. Between the two brick houses sat a little spooky black home where they both lived. Creaking noises from the attic scared Devon and Amy. Dark brown dust flew in from the windows as a violent hurricane on its way. Eight green leaves whirled into the window with the natural debris and landed on a chair next to Amy. Frightened and terrified Devon tip toed upstairs to see what caused all of the commotion.

Great big trees were swaying back and forth with the sky so dark that carried big grey clouds. Hours passed by, and still neither of them had any clue what it could possibly be. In the living room, the deluxe recliners rotated around. Jumping to their feet they ran to the other side of the room. Knowing that a ghost came in the house, they became frightened.

Lost in their minds Devon and Amy gazed.

Mostly they wanted to run out of the house, but they froze. Nodding her head Amy suggested that they leave slowly. Outside the wooden door as they started leaving a transparent ghost appeared. Peter was his name he told them. Quietly Peter tip toed across the brown hardwood floor. Red and green was his cape with a black hat and orange glasses.

Suddenly, he walked closer to them wide eyed and his mouth open. Talking quietly Peter asked if he could come in for a while. Unfortunately they had their fill of the spirit taunting them. Viciously Devon told Peter to leave. Well, he walked in their house anyhow and explained to Devon and Amy how he found them. Yelling was completely unnecessary because the ghost did not scare them.