Haunted PS: It was a picture prompt, for homework. The picture included 3 kids in a trolly with a huge sail going down the tracks.

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Haunted by a pointless life that consumes me. This cold empty room traps me from a world of possibilities. I'm lonely, dirty, and cold and feel like a prisoner in a dreary cell. It all started when I was thirteen my friends decided to go on a trolly and run away from home. I was living in a cardboard box and eating from the same dirty bowl. My friend and neighbor Henrique was an orphan that would always get beat up by his foster parents. After so much pain and suffering he chose to take his brother and run away from home. He invited me to go with him, and since I had nothing to lose, I went along with them and with thoughts of a better future.

We took a trolley and left to see the new world. We spent long hours on a bumpy ride to nowhere.

We were hoping to find the promise land we both been had dreaming of. It's a paradise where birds sing in the morning, where the sun shines all day long, and the water is oh so blue. I could picture myself soon in this paradise.

Unfortunately, Henrique's parents knew where we were headed. He was scared an wanted to turn back wanted to turn back. Since I was the oldest of the three, I decided to continue to our dream. So we continued our trip by sail boat. I stayed awake and controled the sail from sunrise to sunset. It was very tiresome. I would only rest around miday when the wind would blow less. It was late in the evening when I spotted a dark image near the clouds. At first I thought it was a large dark cloud, but after paying close attention, I realized it was...