A Hazy Situation

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A Hazy Situation The early morning breeze swept across Will's nearly naked body; he watched as ten of his future teammates sped off in a black SUV. In about twenty minutes, two thousand students would walk by Will and get a good kick out of a scrawny kid duct-taped up against the school's outside entrance. Nothing but a little bit of preseason hazing for the high school soccer team; Will was a great player and had made the varsity team this year, so he was now merely partaking in the annual "taping" ritual. Not exactly the way most people like to be welcomed onto a team, but tradition is tradition. It's just to make the new people feel welcome, have some fun, and follow that sacred word, "tradition." Besides, no one gets hurt, right? Hold on a minute, maybe Will is just going along with the whole deal, but given the choice, he'd eat dorm food for an entire year before agreeing to be taped to the school, covered only by his boxers, the ones with the hole in them no less.

This is where the word, hazing comes into play. Do stunts like this have a place in athletics or within athletic teams? Even if someone isn't physically hurt, should emotional pain and anguish really just be accepted? High school athletic teams are involved in all sorts of hazing activities, and a lot of the time schools are simply turning their head the other direction. Hazing in high school sports is a serious problem that needs to be addressed and dealt with fairly. Degrading a human being is immoral, immature, harmful, and just plain stupid. Here's a question for the people in favor of team "traditions" and "rituals." Name one thing that hazing actually accomplishes. My point exactly.