"Headlock"- Evaluation of the performance.

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"Headlock" is a non naturalistic play that covers many topics, themes and issues. Perhaps the most dominant of which, is isolation. The isolation a boy or man feels on an emotional level to his peers, the isolation of being locked away in prison, the isolation of losing your brother. Masculinity secondly, how masculinity is compared and shown off to peers, and the difference between the sexes. Another important theme is relationships.

Isolation is heavily symbolized with the use of the wrestling ring around the stage. The character of Shane Ryan's amazing bodily movements and exaggeration shows his feelings, twisting turning and powerful. The only person around him is the spirit of his dead brother, who acts as a leaning post, supporting Shane's elaborate movements. The stillness and silence give the viewer time to think, and feel what Shane is feeling. The sheer loneliness. The lightning is dark and dingy, except for the scenes with his brothers, the memory scenes.

This is a dreary and rather depressing light to view the incredibly bare stage set-up, and is effective to convey isolation.

Relationships and the effect a positive relationship can have on a person are explored in the performance. When Shane is put into prison, the only thing that keeps him sane, and he thinks about, are the good times in his life. All of which, are moments he has shared with his brothers, such as, at Matthews birthday, new years eve, the beach, and in a secret place with dean. During these scenes, the music is loud and happy; the lighting is bright or exorbitant, such as the rock concert. It is a harsh contrast to the silence and dingy lighting of Shane in his cell. His memories are filled with images of himself wrestling with his brothers. This is a...