Healthcare Roles in Communication

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IntroductionWhy is communication important among in healthcare roles? Communication can be defined as successfully exchanging information between people. Three steps of communication are to gather the information, establish a relationship with the patient and being supportive through words. Communication can play a very important role in all the areas of the healthcare fields and its staff not only between the staff and patients but also between work colleagues. Many times with the high demands that healthcare facilities are facing, good communications skills are often overlooked and/or sometimes not seen as a priority. Today it seems that every time one goes to a doctor's office or another healthcare establishment everyone is in hurry and trying to get the patient out as quickly as possible and overlooking the importance of building a good relationship with their patients, so that they will feel at ease. The days were the building of a good rapport between the doctor and patients are long gone.

This is mainly due to the managed care's having control over the doctor's time and resources. The effects of this stress are greater on the doctor than one would think. Whatever happened to the days when the doctors and their staff would in fact talk to their patients about their concerns and feelings? If healthcare providers would take a little more time to encourage their patients to ask questions, they may be more trusting. In turn, if managed care companies had more effective procedures in place to deal with the individual doctors, it would relieve any unnecessary stress on the physician. By doing this they would feel more open to establishing a more in-depth relationship with their patients.

Healthcare Roles in CommunicationIn order for a healthcare provider to build a good relationship with their patients they must be able to...