High school vs. College

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Many high school students are struck with fear when they hear the word college. They think that nothing can beat the ?good old times? of high school, but just wait until college; high school will be nothing more than a forgotten memory. Students don?t really know the joy of college until they actually get into to college and see for themselves the wonderful opportunities and aspects of college life. Yeah the costs of college now days are outrageous but the overall experience of being a college student and completing college out weights the finical burden. In college students get to make all of their own decisions they get to become more independent in their life. Where as in high school the students don?t get to make their own decisions it is the parents that make the decisions There are many reasons that college is a better experience than high school.

One reason that college is better than high school is that the student gets to experience what it is like to be an independent person by getting to choose the times in which they want to attend school. So if the students doesn?t want to get up at seven o? clock in the morning to be to class by eight they can choose to start there day off at nine in the morning, and in college the student doesn?t have the same classes every single day. Where as in high school the day started at eight in the morning every single day, the students attend the same classes at the same times every day. One other reason students get to become more independent in there academic career is that if they skip class or are sick one day mommy or daddy don?t have to call the school to explain why the individual was not at school that day. In college the students either go or they don?t if they don?t feel like going to class that day they don?t have to and they are not going to receive detention for missing a day, or take the chances of losing credit for that class. Where as in high school they have the ?ten day rule? if the student misses ten days in one semester for any giving reason then that student loses credit for that particular class and is forced to take it over. Being able to leave the classroom when necessary to use the bathroom or to get something to drink when the students wants is one other reason that college is a more relaxed environment. In college if the student has to use the restroom or get something to drink, all the student has to do is get up and go to the bathroom or get something to drink. As apposed to high school where the student has to wait until the appropriate time then they have to go ask the teacher for the hall pass, and if they are lucky that may use the hall pass, if they are not aloud to use the hall pass they must wait until the next break how ever long that may be.

In conclusion college allows the students to become an individual by letting them think for themselves, which allows the students to become more independent in life. Which makes going to college is a more relaxed, easygoing environment as apposed to the overbearing, overruling, high school environment. So for all high school students out there next time the word college is said don?t start trembling with fear just stop and think what a better time college is going to be rather than high school. Take it from a college students' point of view there is nothing to be afraid, just relax, take it easy, and for once enjoy being a student.