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Hiram Walkers History of The Company It all started in the days of smuggling liquor. Canadian whisky had a new cleaner flavour and was no ordinary Whisky. The founder was no ordinary man either. Massachusetts born Hiram Walker became one of the world's first commuters travelling day by day from the United States to Canada. He was the first for many things such as putting whisky into glass bottles and getting his own town named after him. Walkerville is a small town in Ontario, where Hiram Walker opened his first flour mill and distillery in 1858. This did not all happen in a short period of time. Hiram Walker waited ten years after leaving his home farm in the late 1840's before hitting fortune. With $40,000 in his pocket he ignored the usual advice to head west for fortune and went south through Detroit to Canada, lucky him.

Hiram Walker titled his Canadian born Whisky "Club Whisky" because of how popular it was in expensive hotels and classy 'gentlemen' clubs.

But the United States insisted he call it "Canadian" as to not get the classic 'American' whiskies mixed up with poor Canadian brands. Sales of Canadian Club skyrocketed, not only in Canada but in the United States and overseas too. In 1898 Hiram Walkers even became the first company to receive the honour of the 'royal warrant' from the British Royal Family. Others enjoyed Canadian Club besides the Royal Family, such as Al Capone who made a living smuggling the great whisky between Detroit and Windsor along the Detroit River. Thousands of Gallons of Walker's famous Canadian Club crossed our Great Lakes separating the United States and Canada both illegally and now legally. It wasn't just the excitement of drinking illegal liquor that increased demand. After prohibition it...