The Hiring Process for ABC Inc. - The company is having problems getting new hires ready to work. What can be done to make to process run smoothly?

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The Hiring Process for ABC Inc.

Comm 215IntroductionABC Inc. must change the way they manage their hiring process. A way must be created to effectively hire new employees. The challenge is for ABC Inc. to create an effective automated hiring process. Being a small business, it is critical for ABC Inc. to get the right person in the job the first time around and it has to be someone who can work effectively with the Operations Specialist. A wrong hire would have major financial and operational ramifications.

BackgroundThe campus recruiter for ABC Inc. has only been on the job for six months. Having never been fully trained on how to correctly hire new employees, he is expected to have fifteen new trainees hired to work for the Operations Specialist. The recruiter thinking that he had everything he needed to hire the fifteen new trainees, he reserved the conference room for the new trainee's orientation.

When the recruiter is contacted to make sure that every thing is ready for the new trainees, he is shocked to discover that nothing is ready, and the new hires may not be able to start on time.

AlternativesOne of the most often overlooked costs in a paper-based, face-to-face hiring process is the sheer amount of time the campus recruiter must take away from his primary task to interview, screen, hire, process, and train applicants. Then there are the costs of additional paperwork, first day no-shows, and the time wasted with ineligible candidates. By automating the hiring process you cut back on the run around and have all of the applicant's information in front of you from the start.

Manager's Desktop (Business Wire, 1998) can be installed for the recruiter to review the results of each application and aid in subsequent interviews and hiring. The database...