Hispanic Minority. Write an essay how you have changed the stereotype of your culture.

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As a Hispanic, I?ve seen the way others have unfairly judged people of my ethnicity. Being a part of this misrepresented minority, I can change others perspective by presenting a different example through myself. From my experience, I know that many Hispanic students don?t feel the need to go to college, because they think that it?s not possible since their parents and siblings didn?t get past high school. However, I am not one of those students and neither were my parents. Unfortunately, many of my family members fit that category, some because they were not given the opportunity, and other because they wouldn?t take the chance. I?ve seen many Hispanic students do exceptionally well in high school but after that there?s nothing. They?ve seen many of their friends and family members get only so far and they feel that, that?s all they need as well. But as a student in your University, I could help reach out to the Hispanic community.

I could show them that being a Hispanic and having made it this far is a great accomplishment and achievement that many others can experience as well, as long as they are willing to put in the effort and time.

In Junior high and high school I feel that I have set a good example for Hispanics and students of other races by staying in various activities and making a positive contribution to my school and the community. I?ve participated in cheerleading from eight to tenth grade and was captain for two years. Cheerleading has made me a very outgoing and confident person. I was part of TOPS which is a Hispanic group that reaches out to other students, I was chosen as a junior usher because people consider me to be dependable and hardworking. I?ve done...