A History Lesson

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"A HISTORY LESSON" Dad, why did we fight in Vietnam? My Son, David asked of me; There are but a few pages in my book of History.

Was it to gain some ground? Protect our wealth? Or practise with our Troops? "Seems like an awful price to pay, We should have used "Stealth" Dad, why when I mention this, Do you always look so "Astray" And you tell me that you once had Friends; But they all have gone away? Son, the reason we went to Vietnam; Was for some of the things you say; But it remains a hot and divided topic; To this very day.

Son, we went to fight the Communists; and stop atrocities; We felt freedom was a basic thing; That every person needs.

We fought for our grand 'ole Flag, Flying so majestically in the Wind; That Flag that protects us all, WE PROVED WE WOULD NOT BEND.

And who knows about the Berlin Wall; and why it finally fell.

I think History will bear me out, it was because we fought so well.

I think we proved in Vietnam; a message that will always stay.

We will stand and fight for Freedom; ANY PLACE AND ON ANY DAY.

And as for my Friends Son; that you ask me about, If they were here they'd say.

"Dave, be proud and be thankful that; you live in the U.S.A" So that's it Son, You wanted to know; why we fought in such a 'Rue; Guess the main reason most of us went; was so YOU, wouldn't have to.

By Danny Crafton