History Notes on the War of 1812.

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War of 1812-1814 (P. 16-19)

Napoleonic Wars in Europe

Britain & France had been intermittently at war since beginning of French Revolution (1789)

Steadily at war since 1803

Britain had 2 rely heavily on naval power to control French

B4 the war, American traders traded w/ both sides of the conflict

Britain tightened naval blockade of Europe's Atlantic coast

American trading vessels are harassed by British ships

Stopped & Searched American vessels to find deserters from its navy

Created resentment among many Americans

Indian Wars in the western territories of US

1803, Louisiana Purchase sold to US by Napoleon

Pushed boundaries further to the West

Louisiana Territory doubled size of the US

Shawnees Native ppl occupied these lands

Techumseh, chief of the Shawnees, forms alliance to block settlers

British supported Indian wars by supplying Techumseh w/ guns and ammo

War Hawks

Group of influential members of Congress joined 2gether

Angered by interference by Britain in US's expansion plans

Goal: remove British influence on the western frontier & seize British colonies in North

June 1812, War Hawks carried Congressional vote (declared war on Britain)

8 Million US citizens vs.

½ million British

Victory was to be quick and easy

Fighting the War with Canada (1812 - 1813)

Eastern States stayed neutral

War w/ Britain would make already-difficult situation worse

This removed any real threat to New Brunswick & Nova Scotia

Most battles fought in the St. Lawrence-Great Lakes area (on or near Niagara Peninsula)

Regular British troops did most of the fighting

Volunteer militia units still played a role

Upper Canada: recent immigrants from the US took up arms against the US

Lower Canada: Canadian militia units also took up arms against the US

This was different from the Canadian indifference during American Revolution


Temporary end of Napoleonic wars in...