The History Of Skateboarding

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History of Skateboarding Skateboarding began with little boys and girls experimenting with what they had. They stuck 2' by 4's on some old skates.Tthat was all they needed to invent skateboarding Well at least what they needed to come up with the idea.

There wasn't any one inventor of the skateboard. It just has developed over the years all the way from the early 1900's. It began by hammering 2' by 4's to the top of their roller skate trucks. Then the kids became even more creative and put a milk create on top of the 2 by 4 for handles to come out of for more balance, kind of like a scooter. Over the next fifty years some took off the handlebars and milk crates and put on steel wheels for crssing down the streets.

In the 1950's trucks were changed for easier turning and better control. They also started using clay wheels.

They had a softer and smoother ride but obviously were not as strong. Surfing was also becoming more popular. People began to start skating like they were surfers and skaters started surfers like they were skaters. Both of them were very similar with the turning, control, balance, and technique.

In the 1960's surfers began to got serious about skating, so the publisher, Larry Stevenson, of Surf Guide (a surfing magazine) started to promote skateboarding. That's when things began to take off for skateboarding. In 1963 Larry's group made the first professional skateboard and a team was made to promote the skateboard.

The first skateboard competition was at Pier Avenue Junior High School. It was in Hermosa, Califorina in 1963. The next year surfer, Hobie Alter, joined up with Vita Pakt juice comany and they made one of the most popular brands, Hobie skateboards. Some...