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ENC 1101 Week 9 Individual Work

Written by: Michelle Lamore

Everest University

ENC 1101 Week 9 Individual Work

I have checked my work according to the "Proofreading Tips" listed in the graphic on page 51 of my text. I did not attempt to proofread my writing draft on the computer screen. I printed out a hard copy of my draft. I made a second copy of my draft and read it aloud as a friend looked over the original and followed along to my reading. I used symbols as I proofread to label errors in my draft. I placed a blank sheet of paper under each line of text in my writing draft so I was able to focus my attention on one line at a time. I read the last sentence first of my draft and then continued to read backwards through my writing draft to help check my draft for logic, consistency, grammar and punctuation errors and meaning.

I was able to put my writing draft away for a period of time, going back to proofread my draft when the content wasn't so fresh in my mind. (Jerskey, 2012)

While using the proofreading tips as instructed in Week 9 Individual Work assignment instructions, the two most common errors I found while proofreading my writing draft, were misuse of commas and common spelling errors also known as typos. I plan to avoid these errors in the future.

Misuse of commas was a common error I found while proofreading my writing draft. The error was found mostly when I was separating elements in a series of three or more things. The error I found was that I was forgetting to use a comma before the word and in a sentence. After researching this error that I have commonly made in...