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Many people in the world wonder how anything so terrible as the Holocaust could even happen. And some don't even believe it happened, but those who do know the horror of it all. Some ask the question: how can one man be so cold as to order 6 million human beings to be murdered? The answer I think lies only in the cold dead soul of Adolf Hitler He was the man that ordered those who were not White axon to be killed, even though he himself was not White Anglo-Saxon. The scariest part of the whole holocaust is not the way they were treated, or how they were unreasonably murdered , but hoe Hitler almost succeeded in his "goal".

All of those that did not fit the perfect race category where taken from their homes, jobs, and families and put into concentration camps, or more accurately called "Death Camps." The first one to open up was Dachau, on March 3, 1933. The only people who were sent to this camp were those who criticized Nazi regime. It's slogan was "work brings freedom;" how wrong that was.

Some also forget that not only Jews were in concentration camps, but also were criminals, homosexuals, gypsies, Jehovah's Witnesses, and other "anti-socials," including ministers and priest's who failed to embrace the official state religion.

Lives before Concentration Camps were awful as well. Harassment of Jews for legal, social, political beliefs and restricting their freedom and privileges was an important part of Nazi regime. Jews had curfews, were denied advanced education opportunities, were denied access to recreational facilities, and required only to shop in Jewish stores.

Although on one night in November 1938, all this harassment turned into terrorism and violence with an orchestrated attack throughout Germany on Jewish businesses, synagogues, homes,