Homosexuality. Who says its wrong?

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In present time, Homosexuality is viewed by society as a thing of disgust or a vile act. These types of views have a major effect on life as a whole.

Homosexuality, as defined by Webster's dictionary, is a sexual interest in the same sex as oneself; or an act involving sexual intercourse between members of the same sex. To some heterosexuals, also known as the "straight life", this type of behavior is often referred to as being a sin. It has also been declared that people who are homosexual should not have any rights when it comes to getting married nor should they be able to adopt children. Well, I have an issue with all of the accusations that have been brought upon homosexuals, referred to as "gays" from this point forward.

From a religious stand point, a person may argue that being gay is a sinister act and that you won't go to heaven nor should you be allowed to get married if you live your life in this manner.

This statement is justified by a passage in the bible that states homosexuals shall not enter the kingdom of god. Now, for all you religious folks out there…. Think about this and "yes", I am aware that I may be stepping on some toes when I make this statement. Never the less, you go to church every Sunday morning and sit in the pew to hear the preacher speak his version of how to apply a bible passage to modern life. This is called the sermon. Well, here is my sermon.

If the bible is meant to be interpreted to your own understanding then what about the passage in the bible that says "God is love"? My understanding of love is an interaction between two people with...