Hoosiers- A Comparison To Life

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Hoosiers- A comparison to life Hoosiers is the story of the Hickory Huskers, an underdog basketball team from a small Indiana state high school who eventually make it all the way to the state championships. There, after countless hours of practice and an endless effort on behalf of the players, Hickory achieves victory by defeating the mighty Although we all don't get a chance to step on the court, Hoosiers is a story in which many of us can relate to. It expresses some of the problems that we face in every-day life, and the right and wrong ways to handle them. Teamwork is a lesson which strongly affected the outcome of the story. If it weren't for the combined efforts of the team, the Huskers would have never left their own basketball court.

Determination is another lesson demonstrated in the film. Coach Norm Dale was determined to shape the young men into basketball players even when threatened with his job.

Also, he was determined to help "Shooter", an alcoholic who has a love for basketball. At first, Shooter goes into self-denial, and gets furious at Coach Dale when addresses the issue. Towards the end of the film, Shooter reaches "Rock-Bottom", and admits to his disease. Shooter, in a state of depression, willfully enters a rehabilitation center where he soon recovers. Although he is unable to attend the state championships, he was still able to cheer on the Huskers from his bed as he anxiously listened to the game on the radio.

In a way, we are all like the Huskers. We are always striving to achieve greatness and make the impossible reality. However, only few ever reach their goal, and the Hickory Huskers were one of those few.