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Horror is a genre of text that has specific conventions. Some of these conventions are separation from reality, set in isolated places, filmed in darkness, having powerful protagonists, and elements of supernatural. Directed by Eduardo Sanchez and Daniel Myrick the film "The Blair Witch Project" from 1999 adheres to some of these conventions as it is filmed in an isolated place, has a strong and powerful protagonist and is often shot in darkness. These genre tropes are demonstrated through various film techniques, such as lighting and setting through mise-en-scene, and also Characterisation through a combination of dialogue and camera angles. Through the use of these conventions, the directors of the film "The Blair Witch Project" have been successful in portraying their film as a horror film.

The genre convention of an isolated place plays an essential role in horror films. In the movie "the Blair Witch Project" demonstrated through the use of setting in mise-en-scene the directors Sanchez and Myrick were able to intrigue and also create a sense of fear in the audience as the characters begin to lose hope of finding their way back to reality.

This is evident in the forest scene day 3; as the three characters Heather, Josh and Michael search to find their way home through the dense forest, and as each of their hopes begins to slim, Michael begins to scream, off the top of his lungs for help, but as the forest is so big and empty Michaels cries for help seem to be heard by no-one. Through this evidence it has only been seen to create within the minds of the audience whether Michael's screams for help were actually heard or not. Therefore it is seen that through the use of setting through mise-en-scene the directors of...