Horse Slaughter

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I. Attention: This is Jack, a 15-year-old registered Morgan stallion, who was rescued from starvation by my wife in 2008. Jack was found along with 24 other horses starving on a farm in Butler County, just 45 minutes from here. Jack nearly starved to death just one year after the closing of the horse slaughter plants throughout the United States in 2007. The cases of animal abuse and neglect have skyrocketed over the past four years due to the closing of these plants.

II. Purpose: Today I will open your eyes to the reality of the horrible consequences of good intentions by showing you why the US ban on horse slaughter must be lifted.

III. Motivation: I realize many of you love and admire horses and can't stand the thought of these regal creatures being processed for meat, but I will prove to you that there is a much darker death in store for horses that are no longer wanted.

IV. Credibility: My wife and I own Winter Moon Morgan Horse farm and we love our horses. But we have seen first-hand the monster of horse abuse and starvation. We have talked to many people in the horse industry and followed the legal battle currently taking place on Capitol Hill over the ban on horse slaughter.

V. I will start by explaining what has happened in the horse world since the slaughter ban started, give you insight into what must be done, and refute the opposing points of view on the issue.


I. Problem: The heart of the problem lies with the impact on the horse industry that closing the horse slaughter plants has caused.

A. According to, updated November, 2011, A bill to de-fund inspection of horse meat for human consumption was introduced in the 110th...