Huckleberry finn diagram

Essay by rippefectA+, November 2004

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When I first received this assignment my thoughts were "great, another art project to make a fool outta myself with". So I put it off a few weeks, dreading the day I was going to have to glue or cut something. But there I was Sunday afternoon contemplating how I should approach this assignment. How bout I paste some sports pictures and some other pictures and draw little comic bubbles explaining the pictures. Nah, that's humdrum and tedious. Then I remembered Mr. Huber saying something 'bout how it could be 3-d and all so I thought, Hey I have this small blue boat and I could float that in a tupawear. Then put that tupawear in a bigger tupawear and call it the land. Where am I going to get land though? I like digging holes and I could take the dirt from the hole and place that in the container.

So I strolled up to the park and dug myself a nice hole. Not particularly large, just big enough for an adequate dirt total. Now that I got my base materials, all I had to do was fill the tupawear with stuff I valued and didn't value. Sounds easy, right? No, I had to go on a search. But I like searches. First I traveled to my bathroom. I went to the tub and there it was, the Sesame Street Bath mobile. See it's this plastic tray with assorted sesame street characters resting on it, in assorted marine vehicles. I Picked cookie monster cause he was sleeping on a raft (just like Huckleberry Finn). But when I placed him in the tupawear he sank. Not to worry, I had more options. My second choice was Bert; in the canoe. Bert could float. I don't like Bert though. So I...