Human Resource Management is all about people. If you like to talk to people then a job in Human Resources is for you.

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Human Resource Management is all about people, and deals with issues related to people such as compensation, hiring, performance management, safety, wellness, benefits, employee motivation, communication, and training. A career in HRM isn't just for those who enjoy talking to people, it is also for those who like systems, analytics and processes as HRM professionals are typically given ownership over a process, specialty area or task with a significant amount of interaction with people.

An organization's Human Resources consist of all people employed by an organisation; they are what every organisation depends upon to make it operate (Wei, 2006). Human Resource Management (HRM) refers to those activities and employees that assist the organisation to meet its stated operational objectives by providing a motivated, well trained workforce which understands what the business is about, knows where it fits in within the organisation and how it can contribute to the organisation.

HRM deals with recruiting and selecting the most suitable and qualified staff for the organisation; it is concerned with their development, motivation and training in order to minimize turnover and increase performance.

In 1920, psychologists and employment experts in the United States started the Human Relations Movement, which viewed workers in terms of their psychology and fit with companies, rather than as interchangeable parts. This movement grew throughout the middle of the 20th century, placing emphasis on how leadership, cohesion, and loyalty played important roles in organizational success. More recently, organizations consider the "HR Department" as playing a major role in staffing, training and helping to manage people so that people and the organization are performing at maximum capability in a highly fulfilling manner (Smith & Mazin, 2004).

Hence HRM is all about people management; it is the function within an organization that focuses on recruitment of, management of, and providing...