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Any person who has ever attempted to place a description on the word "humanities" knows that this is a task of extreme magnitude. The humanities (as we know them) of our modern world have grown to encompass a vast region of studies. Fiero (Book 3) denotes the humanities as "creative legacies of literature, philosophy, history, architecture, the visual arts, music, and dance" (p. ix). The humanities deduce distinct techniques of expression and inquiry via debate, thoughts, verbal communication, and transcript, to name a few. The ultimate goal from this type of thinking is not scientific data, figures, or numbers; critical thinking, insight, and understanding of culture are the hub for humanities.

As a machinist I come into contact with a raw art form everyday: metal-fabrication. I manipulate and observe large sheets of steel and various other alloys transform into useable items for industry. Machinists have long played a role in providing the needed skills to aid political agendas during times of war, and also for research and development of custom prototype machines.

With the current economy in our nation steel prices have begun to rise drastically over the past two years, unfortunately making it more difficult to stock needed materials. Everyday there seems to be a new advance in the machining world; the rapid increase of technology with regards to metal-fabrication has made many processes automated, thus decreasing turnaround times and labor expenses.

In the music scene there have been many changes over the past few decades. The unfortunate (in my opinion) coming about of "Indie" style bands has seemingly taken the present tense and slung it back into the past in what seems to be a rebirth of 80's music. Music Television, or MTV, does not play music videos anymore; however they did introduce "Rock The Vote," an effort...