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In an article titled "Laptop Studies", a survey was conducted to foresee the relationships between various laptop programs and student achievement. The Mid-Atlanta Regional Technology in Education Consortium evaluation finding revealed over 1 million United States students and teachers are using laptops through various programs. The evaluation studies found three of matched laptop students with similar non-laptop peers, and on some measures, "the research showed a positive correlation between participation in laptop programs and increased academic achievement." (District Administration, 2006, April, p86)The StudyThe consortium examined the findings for five laptop program which involved, "four middle school students-statewide programs in Michigan and Maine; a district-wide program in Beaufort County, South Carolina, and a school-wide program in Pleasanton, California. The Anytime Anywhere Learning Program involved 800 elementary, middle and high schools from across the nation." (District Administration, 2006, April, p86) However, because the programs were voluntary for students and teachers, there is no scientific method to determine whether a new program accounted for the added value.

"In Maine, where participation is not voluntary, middle school students who used laptops for two years scored about the same on standardized tests as students in the past that had not use laptops." (District Administration, p86) Yet, laptop users showed acceleration in writing on the standardized test in Maine.

Study FindingsVarious nonrandomized academic studies found an increase in student incentive, commitment, organization, homework completion, and collaboration learning. "Teachers often report increases in the quality and quantity of student writing." (District Administration, p86) Some studies predict positive benefits for low-income and minority students in particular.

Study EvaluationLaptop initiative needs to consider readiness, infrastructure, resource and security issues. According to John Ross, Edvantia's senior R&D specialist in technology, "Readiness involves not only teacher technology proficiency but also teachers' ability to use laptops so they are essential for...