Identified are a set of companies in a particular industry, in this case Airbus, Boeing and Embraer.

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Airbus Industrie

The Airbus Industrie joint ventures have successfully coordinated collaborative activities between European aeronautic manufacturers to build and market the various aircraft designed and built by Airbus. The four partners involved in the joint venture are: Aerospatiale, Daimler-Benz Aerospace Company, British Aerospace and Construcciones Aeronauticas SA. Research, development and production tasks have been distributed among the partners in such a way as to avoid duplication of tasks and redundancy. Aerospatiale is responsible for developing and manufacturing the aircraft flight decks and integration of necessary systems. Daimler-Benz develops and manufactures the fuselage; British Aerospace manufactures the wings and tail sections. Final assembly is performed at the Airbus facility in Toulouse, France by Aerospatiale.

Unlike actual aircraft production tasks, not all decision activities have been carried out by the consortium. All strategy, marketing, sales and after-sales operations have been the sole responsibility of the Airbus Industrie joint venture. This "face" of Airbus is the only mechanism by which conversations and negotiations are carried out with the eventual customer.

For example, to purchase an aircraft or maintain a fleet, a customer must deal directly with Airbus rather than approach a consortium partner. Airbus Industrie defines the alliance's product policy and dictates the specificity of new aircraft models, even to the extent of going against consortium partners if the latter produces a conflict that interferes with the collective goals of the alliance.

Airbus directly employs 46,000 people of over 50 different nationalities worldwide. The production facilities are arranged into four wholly-owned subsidiaries: Airbus France, Airbus Espana, Airbus Germany and Airbus U.K. The company is led by Airbus President and C.E.O., Noel Forgeard. The Airbus corporate culture is defined as being built on innovation, creativity and free-thinking. The organization reinforces international working patterns while preserving the diversity of cultures and languages, which has...