Identify a serious issue that teenagers have to face these day, and what do you think families and society can do to help?

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In the modern world there are many serious issues that teenagers are facing. However, the most common and dangerous issue would be the pursuit of beauty. From my personal experience, I have seen many of my friends suffer in their quest for what they believe to be the perfect look.

In North America, teenagers are often obsessed about achieving what they believe to be a beautiful body. Frequently, people see thin models wearing revealing clothes posing for the camera. For teenagers, having a beautiful and sexy body means more attention and success. They think a beautiful face can get a person through life a lot easier than an ugly one. Furthermore, these young people would do anything to achieve this look. Therefore, they starve themselves in order to become thin and buy make-up and drugs to help them look good. In addition not only are these make-up and drugs expensive, but some chemicals in them have a very harmful effect on the human body.

In order to solve this problem, people need to be better educated about the danger of diets and drugs. Many teenagers who go on a diet end up being very sick, and as a result some of them fail school. Furthermore, our society should focus more on hard work than on beauty. Families can also encourage their son and daughter to be themselves and not let what they see on TV affect them in any way. In the modern world, no one is perfect, and therefore there is no such thing as the "perfect image."We still have a long way to go in order to solve this problem. Although being good looking does have its advantages: popularity and sometime higher job offers, the risks involved outweigh the benefits, and therefore no one should be displeased...