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a)Make a list of stakeholders in the businessOwners - The investors that own a number of businesses.

Shareholders – Others who have invested money in the small motor mechanic business.

Employees –The motor mechanic(s) and the apprentice motor mechanic.

Managers - David and Andrew are the managers of the small motor mechanic business.

Customers - They reply on the small motor mechanic business to produce quality services for their wants and needs.

Environment - The sewerage, waterways, rivers, fish, etc.

Future Generations - They are affected and depend upon the decisions and activities of the motor mechanic business. Sustainable business practices are needed to ensure resources are not depleted.

Society - The community has interest in the success of the motor mechanic business as they create social wealth and employment.

Suppliers - They provide inputs and resources to the business such as grease and oil. They can be directly affected by the success of a business that it supplies to.

Government - The business contributes to the amount of tax revenue the government and will be even further improved if the business profit increases.

Competitors - Businesses are affected by the decisions of competing businesses and attempt to keep their sales advantage to increase sales and market share, they are affected by the company being able to lower their price for a grease and oil change.

b)Identify two stakeholders from this list and explain how the practice of pouring the waste down the sewerage has affected them.

Managers – Andrew has come up with the idea to illegal dispose of waste oil in the interests of the business (improving profits). Though this will increase revenue for the business, the activity is immoral and illegal. They action they have taken is not ‘in the best interests of the business’ and have...