Ikea.com (overview on the company)

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Table of Contents:

Executive Summary 2

Purpose and scope of document 2

Methods 2

Results and Conclusion 2

Recommendations 3

Ikea 4

Case Overview 4

Why do people shop on the Internet? 5

Costumers 5

Identification of value to costumers customers 7

Suppliers 8

Value chain 10

Primary activities of IKEA 10

Inbound logistics: 10

Operations: 11

Outbound logistics: 11

Marketing and sales: 12

Service: 12

Support activities if IKEA 12

Procurement 12

Technology development 13

Human resource management 13

Firm infrastructure 13

Value shop 14

Primary activities 14

Support activities 15

Value network 15

Ethical and privacy issues: the use of IT in managing their business processes 16

Information systems security and control 18

Analysis on IKEA's websites: Comparisons and Recommendations 20

The differences among the five websites: 20

Advices to the website of IKEA in Hong Kong 21

Recommendations for designing the web site: 22

http://www.ikea.com.hk/main.html 22

Improving internal business functions (sales/marketing and manufacturing/production.)


Conclusion 24

Recommendations 25

Bibliography: 26

Books and articles: 26

Websites: 26

Executive Summary

Purpose and scope of document

The objective of this paper is to give an overview of IKEA Company scooping on costumers, suppliers, range of products, value creation and privacy and ethical policies.

Methods pretty

Our analysis was conducted through the scanning of different Ikea websites and different readings and articles to analyse the scoops of the paper.

We analysed all different environmental factors of IKEA from suppliers and customers to manufacturers and so on.

Results and Conclusion

We pretty much came to the conclusion that:

IKEA has a really good image among both suppliers and costumers, thus enhancing the value of the chain of business

The relationship with consumers is very good; IKEA provides its suppliers tools that enhances the quality of the service (more speed, quality control, status...