Iliad Vs. Bible

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"The Role and Portrayal of Women and Gods in The Iliad and The Holy Bible" People once, and may continue to focus their beliefs and live their lives according to the two great pieces of literature known as The Iliad of Homer and The Holy Bible, King James Version. The collection of stories or "myths" in The Iliad is an epic of the identity of the individual while The Holy Bible is an epic of national identity or theocracy. The beliefs in both books are almost completely opposite from the other. One does not have to carefully scrutinize the books to realize the Greeks view women and their own Gods entirely opposite from the way the Jews see theirs.

Achilles is a great hero and the epic of The Iliad of Homer shows how he defines himself individually. Constantly, the myths of The Iliad are concerned with what the individual is thinking or how he or she feels.

In Book One, Achilles is concerned about the Greeks and to characterizes Agamemnon as arrogant and insensitive. Also, in The Iliad, each individuals death is describe thoroughly to show exactly how they were killed. When Patroklos kills Kebriones with a stone (Book Sixteen line 740) the description says that the stone "Smashed both brows in on each other…but his eyes fell out into the dust there at his feet". Then, it goes on to say how Kebriones fell like a "diver" leaving his bones. The death of Kebriones is just one example showing how one person is described even to the particulars of his death. However, in The Holy Bible, individuality has no meaning because one must define himself with God mostly for reason of religion. The Jews take on a sense of nationalism and must stick together. This means they...