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Essay by tanya55 April 2007

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For those of us who read and write about topical issues on a regular basis, the two recurring problems are the lack of different things to read and write about.

When I sit with my computer and think about what to write, I rarely come up with something novel. Even if the idea is not novel, the execution should be. But I rarely come up with either. I wonder how many of you feel the same way…Therefore, I think that unless future writers are innovative and intelligent, writing, and hence reading, will lose their importance. How many stories have we read on the issue of reservations, for example? How many gave you any new angle to the debate? I remember reading one by Amit Sen Gupta three months ago that had new ideas about why reservations should exist. But other than that I just skim through the articles on reservations because all are repetitive.

Similarly, many issues today are done to death and hence our worldview is limited to only these issues. Only a few people can think about new, creative ideas to express. This is true of all forms of expression/communication. We see similar films, similar TV programmes and similar plays.

Moreover, people believe in either speaking for or against the given issue, few see the grayer shades of the picture. So if you read blogs regularly you will find that there are thousand different people saying the same things in the same boring manner. Perhaps even I am one of them sometimes. If you read a few of the previous posts on this blog you will know what I mean. I sometimes wonder why we insist on limiting our writing to the set framework of ideas and execution? I have no convincing answers. I tried for...