An imaginative story written in the style of Kate Chopin's "The Storm"

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From the time she was old enough to know what a lawyer was, Allison knew she wanted to be one. She wanted not to help guilty criminals get dismissed, but to help the innocent victims of senseless crimes receive the justice they deserved. Her desire to help people stemmed from her upbringing in a loving, religious home, with two parents who encouraged her to chase her dreams, whatever they may be. Naturally, they knew she wanted to be a lawyer, and supported her decision whole-heartedly. They had been saving money for her college education since she was born, and so when the time came for her to choose a college, they were well-prepared.


Finally, the day had arrived. It seemed like it would never come. It was a day of release, a day to recognize her accomplishments, and a day to look forward to the future. She was finally about to walk onto that stage and accept that rolled up piece of paper.

Although only a piece of paper, it symbolized so much. Her parents watched with pride as she accepted her key to the amazing future that lied ahead of her.


To celebrate their Graduation, Allison and a couple of her friends took a trip to the Jersey shore for a week. The first day they arrived there, Allison didn't feel like swimming, so she decided to stay on the shore and rest while her friends went in the ocean. She was lying peacefully on her towel reading her favorite novel, when she suddenly heard a deep, rather sensual voice ask her what she was reading. When she looked up, she felt her breath stop short and her heart skip a beat. The bright hot sun behind him illuminated his beautiful muscular figure so perfectly that...