Imitation of Roddy Doyle's style of writing in "Paddy Clarke Hahaha"

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Sunday morning is the day I went biking with my dad. Early in the morning, when mum was still sleeping. I like that part of the day a lot. First we had breakfast together, then we blew up the tyres, and then around 7 o'clock we left the house. I knew it was 7 because I had a stop-watch on my bike. The stop-watch could calculate the speed of my bike, the average speed, the maximum speed and other thing I couldn't understand. Blowing up the tyres was difficult. My dad was blowing up the tyres. He made me try, but I couldn't.

My dad's bike was a big red one; it had 21 gears on it. Mine was small and grey, it had only 12 gears. Once I tried to ride my dad's bike. It was too big. I couldn't reach the seat. I had to put a box next to the bike to be able to reach the seat.

When I got on the seat I couldn't reach the pedal. I lost my balance and fell on the side. My dad told my one day I would be as big as he is and be able to ride his bike. I was excited.

We always went to the Foret de Soignes where a lot of paths were built specially for bikers. My dad was fast and never tired in the hills. I would try to be as good as he was but it was difficult. I thought that if I would continue training I would beat him one day.

- Dad?

- Yes?

- Will I be as good as you one day?

- Maybe even better if you practice!

- When?

- When you will grow up.

I hated that sentence: "when you will grow up". The...